On-demand CFO/Controller

  • Do you have the need for a Controller/CFO but your business can’t afford one yet?
  • Are you a CFO or Controller and just wish you had another set of eyes or hands sometimes?
  • Are you starting a company and need help doing the financial projections?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this service is for you.  At Instant Controller, we can act as your CFO, Controller or Financial Analyst to give you the help you need when you need it.  Some of our most common requests are:

  • Produce pro-forma financials
  • Participate in financial reviews
  • Improve internal financial controls
  • Review & comment on commercial terms of a contract
  • Custom spreadsheet development
  • Troubleshoot a spreadsheet
  • Participate in meetings

Instant Controller can be the silent partner in your success.  We do the work, you take the glory – that’s how it works.

With Instant Controller, you also tap into out network of professionals in other disciplines.  Need help with:

  • Supply chain management?
  • Inventory control/management?
  • Physical inventory
  • Process improvement?
  • Kaizen events?
  • Productivity improvement?

We can help you with these and more!

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